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Students and their loved ones can enjoy total confidence that Lumen has what they need to thrive. Our on-site management and maintenance staff ensure great service whenever you need it, while surveillance throughout the property ensures that home is always your safe haven. Whether you’re one of our beloved residents or still deciding if Lumen is right for you or your student, this page can help answer all your questions about living at Lumen.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What does individual housing mean?

At Lumen, we sign separate lease agreements with each resident. That means you are only responsible for your personal rental payment and will not be penalized if a roommate breaks their lease in any way (e.g. by failing to pay rent or moving out early).
What are rental installments? Why is my rent not prorated?

At Lumen, the total rent for your lease term is divided into 12 equal installments to be paid over the course of 12 months (or less, if you so choose). Because each installment amount is derived evenly from your total rent costs and not from a monthly rental rate, there is no need to prorate based on the timing of your move-in or move-out date.
What is Peak Protection Insurance?

Our residents will be required to have liability insurance coverage. Residents can choose to enroll in our Peak Protection Plan or choose liability coverage from a self-purchased policy with the company of their choice.

Peak Protection Brochure for Residents

Peak Protection Insurance for Residents

How do I pay my rent and when is it due?

Rent can be paid online through the Resident Portal using a credit card or bank account number. You may also pay with a personal check, money order, or cashier’s check.

Rent is always due the 1st of the month. We recommend signing up for automatic payments through the resident portal so you never miss a payment.
What if I need something repaired in my apartment?

If you need maintenance, simply go to your resident portal on our website and fill out a maintenance request. You can also call or stop by the front desk. If it is an emergency, please notify the front office immediately.
What should I bring to my new apartment?

We suggest that you bring:

- Bedding.
- Toiletries.
- Dishes/Cookware.
- Decorations to make your new room feel like home!

Highlights of Lumen

Individual leasing is perfectly suited for the student living experience, using per-person contracts to make each resident’s finances that much easier. Leasing this way means that you’re only responsible for your share of the rent and you never have to fight with your roommates to make sure they’re contributing their share on time. In other words, you avoid all the worst parts of group projects while still enjoying the benefits.
With high-speed Wifi available throughout the community, you can stay connected to your studies, your loved ones, and your social life. That means the fresh air courtyard can become your favorite study spot or you can call home between games of ping pong. You get access wherever you are without paying extra.
Our on-site fitness center is the perfect place to work toward your fitness goals, no matter what they are. Strength training, cardio, yoga, and more are all made easy with access to professional equipment that is well-maintained. So work up a sweat, build strength, center yourself, or stretch your muscles. You can do it all here.
Unlike other student living options, Lumen allows you to bring your pets with you to our community. We know your pets are part of your family, your support network, and your social life, and we invite all your well-behaved cats and dogs to enjoy life at Lumen just as much as you do.
We seek to provide peace of mind while you’re at home so you always have a place to unwind, focus up, and feel secure. With surveillance throughout our community’s public grounds, you can rest easy knowing that you and your belongings are that much safer.