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Look west from the tip of the blast furnace and north from Vulcan’s cheeks and you’ll find your spot at the center of it all—your nexus for all the magic this city has to offer.

Bordering Railroad Park and just minutes from UAB campus, Lumen has plenty of unique quirks to discover. Among designer interiors and state-of-the-art amenities, you’ll also find an on-site restaurant, Smart Market, and social events that will make you just as happy to spend time inside our community as outside on the streets of Birmingham—well, almost.
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What sets us apart
Lumen is a community for those ready to defy expectations. To forge their own path. To get lost among all the places, events, and experiences that form the beating heart of Birmingham.

We offer a home base that integrates you with the magic of our city while reinvigorating you for the next day of exploration. Choose from a wide array of living options ranging from one-person studios to five-person apartments and offering private or shared bedroom options.

What’s inside these walls is our own little microcosm of the Birmingham lifestyle. Lounge in the courtyard, grab a snack in the market, or tune up your bike right here on-site. It’s all yours to discover.

From shared community spaces to your own personal HQ, you'll find it easy to stay connected, hone your focus, and get reinvigorated with modern design, smart amenities, and stunning views of the city.

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Our Parkside location means you’re at the intersection of opportunity and urban vibrance. Every corner of our neighborhood houses something unique to explore, from the restaurant downstairs to that live show at Iron City to the Rainbow Bridge that carries you further into downtown. Let Lumen connect you to it all.